Pure Land of the Mind

Rain City is most beautiful after rain.  It often gives one a feeling of purity without a speck of dust.  I enjoy very much this kind of feeling.  I also like the rain in Rain City.

Seeing such fresh scenery, a sense of quiet and peace away from the worldly “pollution” naturally arises.

In life, Rain City is somewhat like a “shelter” for me.  Often I am very busy with work and travel a lot.  When I have time and return to Rain City, I always try to take it easy, letting the mind take a break and quiet down.  Perhaps this is a way of maintaining balance.

I think to myself, “If Rain City is part of the Pure Land, I want to live in it peacefully, leaving the ‘rains’ and ‘winds’ of worldly noise and chaos outside of this landscape, simply living in it, and achieving a life of quiet and peace.”

I believe many people are seeking such a place in the Pure Land.

Actually, there is a Pure Land in the mind of every one of us, absolutely serene, and it is above and beyond the worldly “pollution”.  However, such a mind of purity is enclosed and covered by layers and layers of dust and impurity.  More often than not, we are confused by the polluted scenes, or even mistakenly think of them as something normal and delight in them, totally forgetting about the Pure Land of our mind.

If we discover this Pure Land of the mind, eliminate layers and layers of dust, and allow the pure mind to reveal itself, we can then view the world with clear vision.  Because our mind is quiet and peaceful, what we see in the world will also be quiet and peaceful.

Even though the worldly phenomena are seen as unclean in many people’s eyes, to an unpolluted mind, the unpleasant or ugly scenes are just illusions without any substance. They are just appearances of the joining of causes and conditions, empty of self-essence in true reality.  It is itself tranquility, and does not arise or cease. Therefore, a mind that is quiet and peaceful can penetrate the illusory phenomena and not fooled or confused by them.  With such a mind, one can live a life without hindrances or disturbances. Without worldly attachments, one lives peacefully and contentedly….

Are you searching for such a mind of Pure Land?

(1992/11/14 Written at Rain City 雨城, Malaysia. Published in the book 《花花世界》”The Dazzling World of Myriad Temptations” by Dharma Drum Publications.)

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