Ganges of the Heart

Origin of Life

There is a Ganges in the heart,

Originating from the distant land of purity.

This river flows peacefully, and along the banks,

The sun shines, flowers smile, and birds sing…


I ride a boat on this river often,

Listening to the murmur of the Ganges.

I wander about the riverbank time and again,

Partaking of the Ganges’ serenity.


I see often the beloved Buddha go and return,

Delivering the melody of pure Dharma from south to north.

Showering sentient beings with great compassion,

Cleansing the realm of mind for hummankind.


I kneel down at the bank of the Ganges in my heart,

Let tears of gratitude stream down and join the river.

Should you want to know how long the river of life is,

Become one with the Ganges – the river of eternity…


(Lyrics for collection of songs published in “The Lamp of Chan” in 2000 by Malaysia Young Buddhists Association )

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