Returning Home…


There is a river in everyone’s mind,

In its clear water,

Fish swim freely.


There is a mountain in everyone’s heart,

On its enchanting summit,

Trees dance and birds sing without hindrance.


Every river of clear water flows into the ocean,

The ocean is thus pure and clean.


Every mountain of beauty rises on earth,

The great earth is beautiful naturally.


A wholesome body and mind wishes to return to nature,

The spirit of purity longs for returning to its origin.


As leaves  fall from the trees and return to the ground,

So do birds return to the sky.

Travelers eventually return home.

Those who are at home,

Where do they return?


In the endless ups and downs of life,

Only those who know how to return to the source

Shall understand how to begin, again…


(Lyrics for a collection of songs published in “The Lamp of Chan” in 2000, by the Malaysia Young Buddhists Association)

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