Buddha Mind of Pebble




I inscribed words on a little pebble,

The pebble said, “Please don’t scribble.”


I told the pebble,

“I am injecting the mind of Buddha.”


Little Pebble said,

“I do not want the mind of Buddha.”


I asked,

“What mind, then, do you want?”


“I have no mind.”

Little Pebble answered.


“Since you have no mind,

Why not having the mind of Buddha?”


“Buddha mind helps all sentient beings,

Turning their mind into no-mind”, I continued.


Silently, Little Pebble consented.

Silently, I thanked Little Pebble with a salute…


(2009/09/23 New Jersey, USA. Published in the book《紅塵回頭》by Dharma Rain Publication)

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