Sight of Spring

OFsu0hRv8ORosRnYQEbShfb42tHM3cK4PEEBuSmtwT0Who was it that brought spring to the world?

Who was it that brought enlightenment to human beings?

Nature did.  Do those people who look for spring know that, at the right season, spring will arrive?

Buddha nature is itself complete.  Do those people who seek enlightenment know that, when causes and conditions ripen, awakening of mind will happen?

The word “spring” is not necessarily written in the lines of poetry that admire the season.

The word “enlightenment” does not necessarily dance on the lips that recite the verses of awakening.

With its many faces, the natural sceneries makes spring known to human beings.

Through many parables, experiences of enlightenment are handed down for people to recognize and comprehend.

However, the best method is none other than finding the truth for oneself, seeing it eventually; for then, nothing is comparable to the intimacy of the splendor of spring.

Yes, the Supreme Way lies in one’s own practice and experience in reaching awakening at the end.  In that moment, the state of enlightenment and the scenery become one and not separate.

During such a process, the experiences and realization of others can be a signpost for our appreciation of the spring.  As we truly enjoy its delicacy, we can have a deeper experience and realization.

In Chan practice, the experiences and teachings of those who have walked the path are a valuable source of guidance.  Only if we are willing to practice and penetrate further, can we experience our own the state of enlightenment.

All these direct and indirect experiences have their meanings and functions.  When they resonate and connect and become one union, spring will appear on the tip of the tree and enlightenment will flower in the mind.

Then, there is only a smile of knowing — It is just like this, at this very moment.


(Foreword for the book 《春在枝頭》“Entering Mind Training – Right Views and Methods” published in Chinese in Malaysia, 1997)

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