Meaningless or Not


Originally life itself has no meaning

Because of human needs

Meaning is added to it

Originally life itself has no purpose

Because of human wants

Purpose is established


With meaning life is now meaningful

With purpose life now has a destination

Created by human mind

Such creation became a reality


Practice to realize truth

Seeing the reality of what is

With a mind of unification

Perceiving what is as meaningless


Seeking meaning in the meaningless

Pursuing reality in significance

Attaining ultimate truth in the end

Meaninglessness there is

Practice to realize reality

Seeing the truth of what is

With a mind of clarity

Knowing truth itself has no purpose


Raising purpose in the purposeless

Searching truth in purposefulness

Attaining the truth ultimately

Purposeless still there is


Meaningless yet meaningful

Meaningful yet meaningless

Purposeless yet purposeful

Purposeful yet purposeless

Originally there is no distinction

The mind of impurity discriminates

Should the mind become clear and clean

Neither same nor different


Appending meaning when there are needs

Lending purpose while there are demands

Understand the meaningless in absolute truth

Realizing the purposeless in totality

The nature of life has no meaning originally

Meaning is in the appearance

The essence of life has no purpose originally

Purpose appears in manifestation

The mind of Emptiness cut through all meanings

Practice accordingly is the purpose

Enlightened in emptiness directly

One shall know the true reality

Whether meaningful or meaningless

Whether purposeful or purposeless


(2014/8/23 written in the Seven-day Chan Retreat at Buckden Towers, London, England)

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