A Song for Father


When I feel helpless in the storm

Someone holds an umbrella and covers me with a raincoat

It is you, father,

Shielding me from rain and blowing wind

With the body soaked and shivering


When I receive awards on the podium

Someone forgets applause and smile

It is you, father,

Immersed in heartfelt blessings

With tears of gratification


Under your formless but giant wings

The years of my youth

Were filled with joy, security, and confidence —

The happiest time of my life


If there is not enough time to repay your kindness, father,

May I pass on your love

If I cannot pay it back all in this lifetime, father,

Let us switch roles in next incarnation


(2006/6/17 Written in tears during the 42nd Silent Meditation Retreat at Wisdom Cliff, Ipoh, Malaysia.  Recited on 2014/10/31 during Taipei International Festival of Poetry at the Concert of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University)

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