Samsara seems to be pleasure
Thus beings chase after always
Never bored nor lax
Coming and going in Six Conditions of existence
Lost with confusion in Three Realms
Samsara is endless
Roaming along is without cease

Samsara must be suffering
Thus some wish for liberation
Departing pain and attaining bliss
Hoping for term of release
Dwelling no more in hellish realm
As ignorance stops
Clinging and aversion reach expiration

Samsara is actually not suffering nor happiness
Thus Bodhisattvas reside in joy
Going and returning with limitless vows
Flowing freely in Six Realms
With causes and conditions of phenomena
Delivering all beings without rest
Ferrying eternally cross the streams

(9/20/2014 Written in New Jersey, USA.  Lyrics for a Buddhist song.)

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