Praise of Incense


~ A song in imitation


As fragrance of supreme incense

Permeates throughout Dharma Realm

Reaching assemblies wide and far

Forming auspicious clouds everywhere

Granting our utmost sincere devotions

In perfect manifestation, all Buddhas appear


A stick of graceful incense

Dedicated to the Three Treasures

Praying for blessings of all Bodhisattvas

May all be peaceful and safe

With decreasing sickness and anger

May body and mind of all be at ease


The incense of immaculate mind

Offered to all sentient beings

Wishing joy and no worry

May all in the six realms benefit

With Buddhadharma flourishing

May great vows be widespread and deep


The aroma of incense from Chan

Appreciated in delight by the nose

Realizing interconnection of six sense faculties

Chan is wordless without form

All returns to emptiness

Samadhi and Wisdom are one, not two


(Written 2014/9/18 in New Jersey, USA. Published in Chan Magazine, Autumn 2015)

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