The Map to Nowhere…




The Map to Nowhere

~  Chan Practice Guide to Mind Cultivation.

The map of treasures…

What treasure? – The treasure of immaculate self.

Due to accumulated dust,

The treasure has been covered deep…


The map for treasure seekers,

Searching for the pure gem.

Guided by pictures and words, looking not out there

– Mind is the original nature.


Buddha-nature is originally empty,

Lying where mind ends and words stop.

From such a place words are used,

The map of treasure hunting is thus drawn.


Both treasure and the map,

Serve as expedient means to deliver beings.

When you see and attain true emptiness,

The treasure is nowhere but now here..

(November 28, 2015, Taiping, Malaysia)


For details of this newly published book of Master Chi Chern,

please visit:



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