Endless Light…



Lamps lighting up bright
Illuminate far and wide
Long dark night needs light
Ignorant human life needs to be enlightened

Lamps lighting up bright
Warmth reaches far and wide
Chilly winter needs heat
Cold heart needs warmth of light

With joy and gratitude
Only giving and sacrifice
Aiming towards purity and nobility
Seeking eternity without limit


Lamps lighting up bright
Illuminate far and wide
Transmitting wisdom of Chan
Continuing with no end

Enlightenment needs endless light
Spreading Dharma needs lasting light
Carry on
Carry on

A lamp silently burns itself
The light brightens other’s life
Just for illuminating the world
Bright light – shining, shining bright

(Translated and edited from the lyrics “Wisdom Light…” in the book Lamp of Chan, published in Malaysia. Calligraphy copyright © by CCP.)

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May the light of wisdom usher you into the new year!


“Nowhere is Now here, which is the present moment…” ~ Master Chi Chern

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