Entering the Gateless


The gateless

Unlimited vastness

Omnipresent in all dharma realms

This moment — it is

The essence — it is

Without practice or realization

Without mind or words

Of course — without entry

The gate

Stands on emptiness

Entry after entry

Gateways all are they

With a gate one steps in

Within entrances practitioners train and realize

Of course — cling not to entrances

With or without gate

Chan itself is

Not two but one and the same

Gateless and gates are unity

The gateless is the essence

The gate is form of means

Inseparable are they

The forms and the formless

Formless has no practice or realization

Without ending or point of entry

With forms one experiences the formless

With practice one realizes emptiness


The ultimate and one

Chan — Is


(Preface from Entering the Gateless — A Chan Master’s Advice, published on May 6, 2016 )


暖色 (1)

(For more details about this newly published book, click here.)

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